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January 5, 2010

Chocolate Heaven!

I am so excited. My ingredients came in the mail yesterday: Cacao powder, cacao paste, cacao butter, mesquite powder, lacuma powder, yacon syrup and bourbon vanilla bean powder and some candy molds. OOooh, I cannot wait to experiment!!!

Okay - here is the first batch. I need to perfect the chocolate a bit. I mixed carob and cacao powder, and used cacao butter with a little coconut oil. It was very good, but not as creamy as I had expected. I haven't tried the cacao paste yet, which is supposed to be superior to the other two products. Still tasty and certainly satisfying when there is a craving for a little sweet treat.

I wasn't very careful  when spooning chocolate into the molds, and the tops came out a bit sloppy. The chocolate also started to harden faster than I realized. Not bad for the first try.


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